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A Little Bit About 3D TV Technology

In 2011, one of the hottest new technology items is 3D TV. Here at CES we are getting a lot of questions from customers who want to know how this technology works, and especially if it requires special glasses. In order to clear up the confusion, we would like to inform our public that yes indeed, you will need to use special 3D glasses, though there are currently several available options. In this article we will briefly discuss the options, and in particular, passive 3D glasses technology.

All 3D glasses currently on the market fall into one of two categories: active and passive. Passive glasses include any model that doesn’t need an external power source. Within this category there are two main types: anaglyph and polarized glasses. Anaglyph technology will be familiar to most people as the old style glasses with one blue and one red lens. Though they are inexpensive, these glasses obstruct natural color and have consequently fallen out of favor.

Polarized glasses come in either linear or circular format. The linear variety is limited in that it requires the viewer to watch the screen from an upright position. Otherwise, the 3D effect will be lost as alignment with the screen has been broken. Circular polarization has removed this obstacle, but because it requires a special 3D projector, it will not be employed in new 3D TV technology.

While active glasses may be the new darling of the industry, there are still several advantages to using passive 3D glasses. Besides a better price and lower energy consumption, passive glasses show you both images at once so that the frame rate is not halved and you see programming at full speed. A little bit of searching online will help you to inform yourself about the different styles of passive glasses available. A few minutes of research will help you get the most out of your new 3D TV.

Home Theatre Heaven

There was a time when the very concept or idea of a home theater did not even exist, or have not been thought of by anyone. If you want to go and see a movie then you need to go to a movie theater, and if you want to have a great musical experience then you need to go to a concert. Eventually, projector and home movies came into the picture, but it was still largely unknown to most people, and was actually beyond the means of ordinary folks. Then came the time for change, and that was signaled by the coming of the VCR. That heralded a new age, as everybody now has a chance at owning one and get to have that previously unavailable experience.

The very idea of the home theater is revolutionary, as people are now able to convert the rooms of their homes, particularly living rooms and bedrooms, into theaters, with very high quality in both the visuals and the audio aspects of whatever it is that’s being watched or listened to. And probably the biggest plus of all is the fact that you are enjoying the movie or the music within the comforts of your very own home. You can put all of your focus into watching or listening, and you could either be all alone or with your family and friends while enjoying it all. Now that just makes the whole home theater experience unlike any other and such a hit with everyone.

Now if you happen to be looking for a top brand of home theater system, one that would deliver all that is expected and then some more, well look no further than Onkyo. The Onkyo HT–S5300 gives tremendous value. From the speakers to the sound quality, to the quality of the picture and most everything else, the Onkyo HTS5300 delivers only the best.

A Good Projector Screen Is a Must-Have If You Enjoy Watching Quality Movies

If you own a projector of your own and want to buy a projector screen then the choices are simply innumerable. You can use your bed sheet or any other synthetic material as a screen or can use a synthetic white material. For a much better viewing you can even utilize your wall as a screen.

But if you are actually interested in buying a real projector screen then it is available in a variety of sizes which are basically dependent upon the lens of the projector. You can buy a big screen if you own a projector having a short throw lens, that is, the lens produces larger images in shorter distances. This is highly recommended if you are going to use the projector and the screen in a small room.

If you own a long throw lens, then it is ideal to buy a small screen. A long throw lens is when smaller images are created in longer distances. This is ideal when you are going to use your projector and the screen for outdoor purposes.

You may wonder as how a projector screen is measured. This is done by measuring the diagonal distance of the needed image. You can even choose a screen depending upon its distance from the projector. It is ideal to use a screen half the size of the distance from the projector.

You can even rent a screen based according to your requirement for as less as $30. The competition to such screens arises in the form of residential ad hoc screens like a bed spread or a bed sheet having different colors to give the best quality result.

Screens for outdoor purposes are mostly popular during the summers when people usually have outdoor parties. Buying an outdoor projector screen can be a great investment if you love the outdoors and like to spend quality time with your family and friends watching your favorite movies.

It is ideal to use flat screens as projector screens if you want to use them during conferences and meetings.