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The Ultimate BFF Gift is Good For Both of You

Want to get your best friend the perfect gift for her birthday or other special occasion? A spa weekend is the ultimate in girl getaways, and not as expensive as you might think!

Imagine-just you and your best friend, lying on the beach or sitting by the pool, sipping good-for-you fruity drinks and looking forward to an evening of pampering. Facial masks, massages, mud baths, manicures and pedicures, body wraps…all that and more can be had at your favorite weekend spa.

Prices for weekend getaways vary across the country, but the best prices are usually found in the fall and winter, during the “off season.” A full service weekend spa that charges a flat rate may be a better bargain than a “discount” spa that charges extra for everything from warm towels to fruit trays. Call around for the best price you’ll find something within your budget if you ask around.

Many weekend spas have private lodging, but a few have arrangements with nearby hotels and bed-and-breakfasts. If you find one that has such an arrangement, you may be able to negotiate a lower price for the weekend by skipping a room in “their” hotel and arranging your own lodging. However, many spas that have private arrangements with hotels have already managed to get the lowest possible price at the best hotel in the area, so if you’re planning on staying in a four or five star establishment, your best bet is to allow the spa to book your rooms for you.

Before booking a getaway weekend, ask about the spa’s services, menus, and certifications. There is no faster route to a miserable weekend than discovering that the spa you’ve chosen has a menu you and your friend find repulsive, or belatedly realizing that the “quaint” lodging advertised on the spa’s web page is really a flimsy hammock on the beach in the middle of December! If possible, double check the certifications of any technician who will be working on you and your friend, especially if you’re planning on having a peel or getting your hair colored. Once you’ve determined that the spa is what you want, book your weekend a few weeks in advance besides getting better service, you’ll have the pleasure of anticipating your escape!

Don’t forget to pack a camera, too. The memories you gain with your best friend will be worth remembering for years to come!

70th Birthday Gifts They Will Love

Is one of your grandparents turning 70? Finding the perfect present can be tricky. Use these ideas to get started, and you may find that your present is the one that they love the most.

70 year olds today are in much better shape than they were twenty or thirty years ago. While they may have slowed down a little, they still pursue their favorite activities and may be looking forward to a few more years of travelling. This is a great opportunity to choose travel related gifts, which can be big or small and suit a variety of budgets. A travel log or notebook is an inexpensive gift and can be custom-decorated with scrapbooking supplies. Digital cameras and airplane pillows are small 70th birthday gifts that grandparents will love – especially if you include a lesson on how to use the digital camera. There are also special travel jackets, shorts, and skirts that have hidden pockets for m oney and valuables. If your grandparents prefer to stay close to home, encourage them to get out and walk with a walking gift basket. Include good walking shoes, a fanny pack for keys, a stainless steel water bottle, sunglasses and sunscreen, and a pedometer so they can track their steps.

As active as they may be, there are tasks that older people appreciate getting help with. A great gift for a grandparent is to put together a coupon book for tasks that you can complete for them. Mowing the lawn, weeding flower beds, washing cars and the outside windows of homes are good coupons for summer. In the fall, raking leaves, cleaning out eaves troughs, storing deck furniture and emptying flowerpots or window boxes are helpful choices. Of course, snow shoveling is an important winter activity that can be hard on older folks. If cooking or baking is your specialty, add coupons for dinners, favorite desserts or snacks that you can make and bring over. These coupon books can include anything that you think will be helpful or enjoyable, and they make great 50th birthday gifts too.

Shopping for a Woman’s 40th Birthday

Are you searching for a present for 40th birthday gifts for women? Not sure what to get her? No problem, let’s discuss some great gift ideas and the sorts of things that she might like.

There is a good safe option when it comes to shopping for women, items like massage vouchers, or skin lotions and other skin products. Romantic dinners and books work great too. If you get her a beautiful cook book filled with loads of fantastic recipes and photos that would work like a charm especially if she loves cooking and baking.

If you ARE that special someone in her life then let me give you a great hint. Women will have already told you what they want for their birthday in multiple little cues and statements long before their birthday. They might not even notice that they are doing it, but they will surely tell you about something they want or love as they pass it or see it.

So this is what to do, a few months before her birthday really listen for those hints. It might just happen whilst you are walking around the shopping mall, and she might say, ‘Oh, isn’t this nice’ or ‘I would LOVE one of these!’ Listening closely for those small cues is the best advice that I can give you.

The beauty of this method is that when she opens the gift, she is likely to love the present (she did ‘choose’ it herself), she will remember the comment she made a few months earlier, and then she will love you for remembering and paying close attention to what she was saying!

So there you have it, a few great ideas when shopping for birthday gifts. Hopefully this article has helped you out and has given you some food for thought – don’t forget these ideas will also work for other birthdays, for example you could definitely use these ideas to come up with 30th birthday gifts for her.